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Are you someone who is always the life of the party? Do you like to be social and always be out and about somewhere? Is life pretty good for you these days? One of the quickest ways to ruin all of those good things is to be picked up for OVI. If you are in a position of having to hire an OVI attorney, it will cost you money, influence your social life and maybe even impact your ability to get credit or land a new job. One of the best ways to avoid being in a position to need an OVI lawyer is to never drive after you have been drinking.

A while ago, it did not seem like there were many options for people who wanted to go out and have a few drinks with their friends. However, as the dangers of drunk driving have become more serious, many different options have become available.


One of the best ways to ensure that everyone gets home safely and without the fear of being picked up for OVI is to always designate a designated driver. This is someone in your group of friends whose turn it is to drive everyone home. One of the great things about this is that many of the social clubs you may be going to have special programs for people who are the designated drivers. A lot of times, if you can identify yourself as the driver, you will get all of the soda and juice that you want for free for the entire evening.

The best way to start the evening off is by having everyone meet at the designated spot or by having the driver pick everyone up. It is a bad idea for everyone to drive to the meeting place because people will be tempted to drive home. Then your friends will be put into a position of having to argue with you about your ability to drive. In order to avoid this potential problem, it is best to make sure that nobody but the driver has easy access to a car. Another option to avoid having to worry about driving home is to call a cab. Everyone that plans on going out for the evening should have the name of several cab companies programmed into your phone. Some people complain that this is too expensive to be a realistic option, but when you compare a $20 cab ride to a possible $2000 fine, a few days in jail and a permanent black mark on your record, it does not seem that bad.

Many social clubs have also started their own programs to help people get home safely. They can be held responsible for accidents that happen caused by people who were in their bar so it is in their best interest to keep you safe too. Another option is to look at public transportation. Make sure you have a bus schedule mapped out ahead of time of your evening out. It may take you a little longer to get home, but you will get there safe and sound.

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