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Are you in need of a cellular phone, but could not afford to buy an iPhone or any Android phone? What specific features are you after in a cellular phone? Are you looking for a handy and transferable kind of phone that you could carry anywhere you go? Do you want a battery life that could last for hours or even days? Or do you just want something that is simple as long as you can get in touch with your loved ones?

Yes, it may be small in size (7.2 cm x 3.0 cm x 2.3 cm) and weight (23 g), but this cheap bar Bluetooth phone has, in fact, plenty to offer.

Size. With its small and portable size, boys could keep this bar Bluetooth phone in any pocket of their trousers. As for girls who casually alter their bags, this is the ideal phone to bring. Since it is tiny, this bar Bluetooth phone could fit into any tight spaces.

Locating App. For parents who are having trouble locating their children, this is the cheapest phone that offers a location tracker system. With this special feature, you, dear parents, can keep an eye on anywhere your children go. Furthermore, if you are currently in a relationship and doubting your partners action and whereabouts, you can actually give this cheap Bluetooth phone to him/her as a present (just make sure he/she will not find out about the tracker).


Anti Theft System. Nonetheless, this is also the cheapest phone that has an anti-theft system.

Language. Who said this cute phone is only for those who understand or speak the English language? Even non-Americans can actually acquire this low-priced but quality-guaranteed bar Bluetooth phone. Its built-in language setting includes Indonesian, Vietnamese Thai, Simplified, and Mandarin.

Keypad. Moreover, this phone is very much suitable for older people. This phones keypad is T9; therefore, it is easier to press and the keypad itself is big enough to be seen by their naked eyes.

Bluetooth. This cheap Bluetooth phone also offers FM software, wherein you do not have to access the internet just to be able to hear the latest songs. You can as well transfer and receive songs from your friends and siblings through Bluetooth sharing.

Battery Life. And if you are not in the mood to use this phone, you dont have to worry about its battery life. Its power will last up to 6 days.

Adapter. Upon receiving the newly purchased phone, you would see in the package the bar Bluetooth phone, charging dock, 2 ear hooks, an Earbud, a 100-240V power adapter, data cable (90cm), and its user manual. Isnt it a total package?

As a conclusion, LEGUO Leguo-1 GSM Bar Bluetooth V2.0 Phone has special features like location tracker and anti-theft system. Its tiny size makes it portable and easy to carry. Not only that, this cheap Bluetooth phone has built-in FM software, where you can listen to your local FM radio stations. People of all ages can use this bar Bluetooth without a problem. Even its battery span is not a question.

Now, I have a question for you: Are you still willing to spend hundreds of dollars for an overpriced phone when you can buy a cheap Bluetooth phone that covers several remarkable features? You can never find another cheap yet outstanding phone like LEGUO Leguo-1 GSM Bar Bluetooth V2.0 Phone so visit and buy yours now for as low as $59.46!

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