The Bbq Branding Iron – Stamp Your Mark


Lewis Theaksotn

The BBQ Branding Iron is very similar to that used by wranglers who used them to distinguish cattle in the Old Wild West .. and even today in some parts.

The irons are so easy to use, all you have to do is place the letters and spacers how you want them so you can spell out your chosen word, message, or phrase.

Then, simply heat up the BBQ Branding Iron over your chosen heat source, and stamp your meaty message into your the meat, where the iron will leave a scorched sentence for you and your guests to admire.

The BBQ Branding Iron is packed with 55 letters and spacers so you can make many different word combinations of your choosing.


However you use the BBQ Branding Iron, you can be sure that everyone else will know that you have left YOUR mark!

The BBQ Branding Iron features

* The BBQ Branding Iron allows you to personalise steaks, burgers, chicken, Tofu and toast by branding your name or a message!

* Simply slide the letters in and secure with the loop lock

* You can create 2 lines of text!

* Metal Branding Iron with wooden handle and leather strap for hanging

* Includes letters of the alphabet!

* Just heat the BBQ Branding Iron and press it onto the food!

* The Branding Iron measures approx 46 cm x 9 cm x 4.5 cm

* Great gifts for ages 18 to 180!

Why use the BBQ Branding Iron?

Put simply, it’s great fun!

The BBQ Branding Iron is perfect for adding a personal touch to all kinds of food, and is set to become every BBQ fan’s personal favorite novelty utensil. You can even pretend you’re a genuine wrangler, branding the steers out from the plains. The choice is yours!

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The Bbq Branding Iron – Stamp Your Mark