As vehicles become more complex in their design as well as in their function and performance, the demand for precision parts increases. In addition, with today’s automobiles and the number of parts, outsourcing to top companies is important for automotive OEMs to keep production costs low.

The complex to simple metal parts and components found in engines and in the body design of cars and trucks of today can be produced using a range of different methods. One of the most common choices for automotive OEMs is to turn to an experienced metal stamping service.


The Process

For those unfamiliar with the process, a metal stamping service uses sheet metal that is forced through a die using high power presses. This may be done as a single pass through a die, or a set of progressive dies that continually refine the shape. The final result is a highly precise, complex part that is formed through an automated process very rapidly and without the need for any human or operator intervention.

As there is no heating and cooling of the metal, which occurs in both extrusion and machining processes, there are limited physical or property changes in the metal. Additionally, all elements of the formation of the party, including creating complex shapes and forming, can be done in the stamping process, without the need for secondary operations.

The Benefits

An experienced metal stamping service can work closely with an OEM to develop an expedient, highly precise process for forming the part to exacting, precision standards. Once this has been developed, the entire process can be automated, saving money and increasing the number of parts produced in a given time period.

This, along with the extremely limited waste and the ability to quickly produce high volume orders, makes this highly cost-effective without any sacrifice of quality or precision in the final product.