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Have you planned a baby shower and are struggling to meet all costs due to the bank balance being at an all time low then remember you are under no obligation to donate party favors. No doubt you want your baby shower to be a success and if that means the giving of gift favors then so be it. It can be a MISSION to create your own homemade baby shower party favor ideas but a worthwhile one. By making the gifts you get the best of both worlds – the guest will receive a favor and you claim satisfaction for holding with tradition in a cost effective way.

Homemade ideas for baby shower party favors to assist you in your quest to help save the pennies.

1.How are your cooking skills in kitchen. Canyou bake all well and good if not loan a book from the library for this idea? Baby cut out chocolate chip cookies baked by you will go down well – all tasty edibles can be wrapped in special wrappers. A nice way to wrap this these gift favors is to take clear crackly cellophane paper and neatly wrap around your baked baby confectionary and tie with a bow. Cut the ribbon in to thin streamers to hang alongside the bow this will make the presentation of your gift more appealing.


2 Baby containers like baby bottles and booties filled to the brim with assorted sugar coated candies or colourful jelly beans are a nice gesture. If the end results of this idea looks like something is missing then do not fret reach for the ribbon and tie cute little bows around them.

3. Very cheap as well as pleasurable to make are candles. Easy to follow instructions come with candle making kits. If making your own is out of the question then purchase less expensive scented votive candles. Wax sticks of this nature come in sets making them a bargain buy. Decorate the candles with ribbons, just remember to remove if the candles are to be used. Keep guests guessing the gender of the baby. Give your party gift favor candle in the appropriate colour of babys sex this will tell them that the baby is a boy or a girl. Do this towards the endi of the baby shower so as to put the guests out of suspense.

4. This will plant the seed in your way of thinking on what to give, this gift will not cost much but mean as much. Cultivate plant seeds before the event and give them as your thank you party gift favor. Bedding plants in different holders other than a plant pot will make the present unique. Plants can be potted into useful containers like mugs vases and goblets of which can be cleaned and used as ornaments in the home. Items as such can be picked up at garage sales or car boots.

5. Baby bath items are always warmly welcomed, items such as baby soap/oil, baby lotion and shampoo is a nice way to say thank you for attending my baby shower. Adults as big as they are love to use baby soaps because of how gentle it is on the skin. So you see we are all just big babies at heart. Bath accessories like duck shaped sponges, and face flannels can be donated.

6. Baby bibs or hankies with babys name or initials embroidered on is another way to personalize your homemade favor. It is not IMPOSSIBLE for you to create little personal baby gift favor ideas of your own. So there you have it MISSION IMPOSSIBLE accomplished.

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