How to dress for a hot date


Bailey Cooper

Deciding what to wear on a date can be almost as exciting as the date itself,especially if you’re into women’s fashion.What look will you go for? What accessories will you choose?It’s especially exciting if it’s your first date with someone. The old adage that first impressions count is a true one,so the right choice of women’s fashion on a date could make all the difference.

It’s really important to look good for your date because looking good helps you to feel confident and comfortable,attractive qualities in anyone.Plus,if you’re feeling good,you’re more likely to have fun on the date! It’s about bringing out what’s on the inside as well as enhancing what’s on the outside.

The trick is to strike the right note between demure and attractive.As fun as it would be to unleash your inner vamp,a date is not the place to do it especially in the early stages. You want to look beautiful in an approachable way,not a scary way, so put away the leather trousers, low-cut tops and wobbly stilettos.

When it comes to great date wear,the world of women’s dresses is your friend.Try a cute floral print for a really feminine look or,if you want to look more sophisticated,get out the little black dress.If youre going down the little black dress route,make sure it’s not one that shows off too much leg and cleavage.

Women’s dresses are also really versatile,meaning that you can wear them for daytime and evening dates.For an afternoon tea date, pair a dress with a cardigan,fake pearls and shiny court shoes.Smarten things up for the evening with a jacket,mules and a mock-croc clutch bag.

If you’re not a fan of dresses, don’t worry:other types of women’s fashion make good date wear too.If you’ve been on a few dates with the lucky guy in question,then you could wear jeans as long as theyre not your Sunday slouchy ones!Try smart flares with wedges (very this season) and a blouse with gold jewellery or skinny jeans with high-heeled boots and a cute jumper.

Hair and make-up make a difference to whatever you’re wearing, so make sure you’ve got enough time to get ready before the date to do yours.

Have a great time!

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How to dress for a hot date