Direct Mail for Lawn Care Companies – 5 Secrets to Using It Successfully


Alonzo Chambers

1. For a lawn care company you would like your flyers to scream out \”beautiful lawns and low prices\”, after all this is actually what your company is about and you need to be able to tell this on the customer without giving them a detailed explanation. To ensure that clients who only briefly look at your flyers still know immediately what your enterprise is, you require a flyer design that\’s lawn care related imagery or a garden like theme. That way, despite the fact that they may only find a moment at your flyer before tucking it away, once they need your services they are going to remember they have a flyer from a lawn care specialist and dig it out.

2. Include a special make available, price reduction or package deal on your flyer design. Ensure that it is simple and easy to understand and while doing so a highly tempting offer. This will ensure that when a customer has a lawn care offer with elsewhere, they examine your flyer in favor of the alternative because you may offer it for less or with a little extra care and attention privately that the other business fails to include.

One minute they\’re considering one thing, the next it\’s something completely different.


As it relates to marketing your services, even though someone\’s not interested today doesn\’t mean they won\’t take another week or month. And, just because people don\’t respond initially, doesn\’t mean they\’re not at all interested.

To combat these cycles, the best thing you could ever do is always to do sequential mailings. Instead of sending just one letter for a list of targeted potential customers, send out another follow-up letter a few weeks later and then a third a few weeks after the second.

Follow the same steps you\’d follow in creating your initial gross sales letter, but on these follow-up letters, reference the past messages you\’ve sent. It\’s possible you\’ll even consider making a time-sensitive offer right from the very beginning and then referencing this impending deadline inside subsequent mailings.

What you\’ll find is that you\’ll capture the attention of your targeted prospects even more and you\’ll double the potency of your direct mail campaign. In truth, studies have shown that you\’ll get 50 % of your responses from words 2 and beyond!

Direct mail is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal IF accomplished properly.

Even though there are plenty of marketing mediums available to today\’s private business owner, immediate mail has proven itself often to be a highly effective means for delivering ones sales message to serious prospects. To make sure that maximum effective from your direct mail campaigns, follow these simple guidelines and you\’ll quickly understand why direct mail has proven to be such a powerful product.


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