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Businesses and individuals face a greater than ever threat of identity theft, corporate espionage, and fraud. Every enterprise no matter the size keeps sensitive papers at their location that will have to be disposed of safely and securely. Businesses collect a broad range of information about employees, clients, customers, finances, budgets, and product development. These are sensitive documents that could be used illegally if stolen so it is vital to have a method in place regarding secure disposal of the documents.

Governments understand the importance of protecting confidential information, and have passed legislation to ensure the security of sensitive information in order to protect businesses and consumers. Records security management has become an important task for every business. Paper shredding services or document destruction companies can provide your business with secure records management protocols, give advice on a schedule of maintenance, and make certain that your company is in compliance with up to date government regulations. Paper shredding companies provide a vital method of security regarding the information a company disposes of, and ensure sensitive information remains confidential.


Paper shredding services is the most efficient solution to destruction of sensitive documents. These documents include payroll info, health insurance records, budget and sales. Business strategic planning, product specs, vendor info, inventory lists, transaction records, etc. Paper shredding experts provide the support that a company’s needs to ensure their private papers are secure. They assist in up a retention schedule, and provide off-site and on-site document destruction services. Prior to the scheduled shredding day, a secure bin is provided to place the papers to be shredded. A secure shredder truck with an industrial shredder comes to the business location. The bins of papers are collected and shredded in the shredder that is on the back of the truck. A Certificate of Document Destruction is given to the business stating the date of destruction of the sensitive material. This is added liability protection against identity theft or compliance with government regulations.

Many companies believe that recycling their sensitive paper documents is adequate since recycling does not meet regulations concerning confidentiality and consumer protection. A paper shredding company ensures documents are completely protected throughout the process and will recycle the shredded remains which will help protect the environment and the business in terms of regulatory mandates.

The benefit of using a professional Seattle paper shredding service is not just secure shredding but also staff will be able focus their time and effort on other important tasks. A professional paper shredding service removes the burden of maintaining and servicing an in-house shredder. As well, using office shredders is a very time consuming task as one has to stand there feeding the shredder paper by paper. Also, office shredding is not secure as there is a possibility of security breach while documents stack up waiting to be shredded. Seattle paper shredding services is a practical, cost-efficient, and secure solution. When an enterprise hires a Seattle paper shredding service, they will comply with government laws and they will have peace of mind knowing their confidential waste will not end up in the hands of criminals.

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