The Truth About Commercial Property Brokers – Book Office Space Direct for The Best Deal


Kyle Higgins

Rented office space is a necessity for many small to medium businesses. But whatever the size of your company, whether you are looking for a single person office or a corporate suite, you know it makes business sense to avoid unnecessary costs.

Unfortunately, many office brokers have plans which differ from yours. If you search for \”serviced offices\”, \”office space\”, \”rent office space in Derby\” or similar on a search engine online, you are likely to find a wealth of office broker websites which each list hundreds – or even thousands – of different locations of commercial property to rent. You simply enter your office space requirements on their websites, and like an estate agent, their search will list offices to rent which match your requirements.

The convenience they offer can lead to many business owners to booking office space through these commercial estate agent middlemen. But their expensive, fancy websites can hide the truth. In reality, office brokers often give business owners the worst deal with their commercial property for rent. It has been found that these businesses sometimes actually sub-hire the accommodation before letting it out on their websites at a hugely inflated price.

Often, business owners looking for commercial property to rent will use these websites to gain an understanding of the average prices of office rentals in a set area. But because of their inflated prices this can give browsers the wrong impression, and they often end up paying over the odds to rent office space in Derby or across the UK. Their salesmen also tend to be very persuasive and pressurise people into making rushed decisions about renting.

Commercial property agents don\’t give office space owners a good deal either. If they are not renting the property to sub-let out, they are charging office space owners a huge percentage of commission for advertising their property. Putting office space owners out of pocket in this way is not only unfair, but will often only reflect badly in the rental prices.

And, to top it off, it has been found that many of these websites do not even have offices of their own to operate from. This makes many suspicious as to how much they actually know about the office rental business. Their websites are paid to be search engine optimised so they score highly on search engines, meaning they will show above the listings by office space owners looking to let out their property. Their high rankings, in fact, say nothing about the service they offer.

Like with most forms of business, with finding and renting office space, it pays to go direct. Office space owners offer better value for money and reliability than brokers who often know very little about the properties they are selling. Spending a little extra time searching online for direct office space owners means you will find properties which provide both quality and value for money. And if you have questions, you won\’t receive better answers than those from the property owners themselves.

Litchurch Plaza office space in Derby is rented directly from the owners. The quality range of accommodation is available on a range of contracts which offer both value for money and flexibility.

Litchurch Plaza office space

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