How New Refrigerants can Help us Make the Planet Safer


Alyssa Siddle

Chlorofluorocarbons have been accountable for diminution of ozone layer over the earth. The ozone layer is our only defense against UV rays, which makes it our responsibility to protect it. Current changes in the surroundings are the result of reduction of the same ozone layer. CFCs and Hydrocarbon gas are used in refrigerants, propellants and medicine and now the usage is controlled through the Montreal Protocol. The applications can t be avoided hence alternatives are now used in place of CFCs. In the field of refrigeration Pure Propane has proved to be a proficient naturally occurring hydrocarbon refrigerants replacement for CFCs and it has no effect on the ozone or the environment. R22 replacement is another alternative but it also has ozone depletion, very little however.


Now many companies are manufacturing industrial grade propane which is then used in air-conditioners and refrigerators. Oz-Chill, originated from Australia is a leading manufacturer of this compound and specializes in providing the highest grade of the same. This product is totally safe, highly efficient and manufactured with the best possible equipment and raw materials. This gas comes cheaper through them, without paying any carbon tax. This gas will also improve the efficiency of your machines. This is commonly used in vehicle air conditioning, residential air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, refrigeration and mining. Various products from oz-chill refrigerant catalogue are 134A replacement, OZ-CHILL 22A, OZ-CHILL MULTI. They also manufacture support fluids like OZ-CHILL PRO SEAL PLUS, OZ-CHILL PRO DRY PLUS, OZ-CHILL GREEN ENERGY PLUS and OZ-CHILL PVC FUSION.

All these products are

enviro safe refrigerant

naturally occurring and non toxic. Every gas now can be graded in terms of its Ozone Depleting Potential; Oz-Chill products have a zero value on all products. With a small global warming potential of 3 these gases reduce global warming. So, using these products you are maintaining your carbon footprint while you save a lot of energy, a win-win situation for everyone. This has made it a popular choice amongst engineers and technicians. Now we can t undo what we have done wrong, but we can always stop doing it from the moment of realization. It is not too late to work on these environmental issues and if we want our surroundings safe for generations to come we have to act on it now. It requires participation from everyone from consumers to innovators. While scientists are working on new alternatives consumers should also practice green solutions.

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