By Marc Hardey

When you hear the phrase “extra tall,” what quickly comes to mind? One might say a building, or a person, a set of clothes, or yeah, even candles. But these days, furniture can be that, too.

Take gas lift bar stools, for example. It is named such because of the gas spring, which is used to adjust chair height. When applied to bar stools, this invention, patented in 1972 to Drabert Soehne of Minden, Germany, creates flexibility and ease of use by matching the height of the stools to the height of the bar counter. Bar stools lifted by gas spring departs from conventional seating height and literally takes face-to-face bar interaction to a higher plane.

The Bar: Melting Pot of Drink Lovers

If you are a sports fan who likes to share your viewing experience through large-screen television while enjoying drinks with your buddies, you most likely frequent bars. If you’re a dance patron who likes to swing to your favourite beat over drinks or just a regular fellow looking to wind down after a busy day, bars are a welcome destination.


The Bar Experience: Heightened Interaction

While bars are generally known to be places to drink at your whim – mixed drinks, beer or liquor; entertainment and socialization pervades the atmosphere. Let’s face it; it’s hard to imagine entertainment in isolation. Social interaction is an essential mix in the picture. The structure of a bar provides a unique dining and drinking experience characterized by the specialized counters on which drinks are served. Of particular importance are the uniquely designed stools that serve this purpose. Gas lift bar stools are high chairs with padded seats, usually without armrests and back, but with a foot rest. The design and contours of bar stools largely affect seating posture and its ease of mobility assists the flow of interaction among the seaters. They provide unassuming comfort and a casual, almost rugged flair to bar lounging – factors conducive to an atmosphere of free-flowing talk.

Comfort Level

The flexibility of gas lift bar stools sees to it that you sit in a comfortable height from the bar counter and more importantly; you interact with your friends on an eye-to-eye level.

Gas Lift Bar Stools: Unlike Fixed Height Chairs

Let’s look at some of the inconveniences of conventional or fixed height chairs. Its lack of height adjustment capability forces you to strain your neck either to look up or down the people you’re with. Also, it excludes people of a certain height from fitting comfortably on the seat. The absence of rotation and tilting ability as well as a swinging movement – all remedied in the design of gas lift bar stools – makes conventional chairs fail in comparison.

Raising the Bar of Casual Interaction

Gas lift bar stool is your kind of chair for a natural high. They get you settled in a physically relaxing end-of-the-day talk and drink perks. They can turn your tired mood about and get you playfully swinging around back to form. Talk about a lift to cause a twist!

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