Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry: Concept and Benefits


Guru Nath Reddy

People lose teeth due to various reasons. Tooth decay, knock out, gum disease and old age are some of the common factors of teeth loss. Whatever the reason of this loss, teeth must be replaced to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. While dentures and teeth bridges are a common cure for missing teeth, cosmetic and implant dentistry is fast gaining popularity due to the following reasons:

-Provision of long term solution

-Slowing down of bone loss

-Preservation of nearby healthy teeth tissues.

A Concord cosmetic dentistry is a highly specialized process of artificial substitution or replacement of the root portion of natural tooth. It comprises the anchoring of a substitute into a pre drilled jaw-bone socket in order to support a crown, bridge or denture firmly in place.

Concord cosmetic dentistry typically makes use of implants that are made of titanium which can be easily tolerated by bone and integrates with the bone tissue comfortably. During a dental implant, a cosmetic dentist, Concord aims to achieve to fuse the outer surface of the implant and the surrounding bone tissue and create a strong support for the new tooth.

Some of the benefits of Concord cosmetic dentistry are elucidated below:

Prevention of bone loss: A dental implant placed in the area of missing tooth actually stimulates bone growth and production, thereby preventing the loss of natural bone structure. In special cases where a Cosmetic dentist, MA finds the loss of bone to be substantial, a bone graft may be required prior to the tooth implant procedure.

Improved teeth function: Concord cosmetic dentistry being quite advanced ensures that the tooth implanted by a cosmetic dentist Concord is fully integrated into your jaw and functions as well as your natural teeth.

Improved dental hygiene: Bridges and dentures require extra care to maintain good dental hygiene. On the contrary, with a little advice from a cosmetic dentist MA, you can easily brush and floss your implanted teeth just like your natural teeth.

Redundancy to drill or disturb healthy tooth structure: The restoration of a cosmetic dental implant executed by an expert cosmetic dentist is independent of the surrounding teeth. Importantly, the miracles of Concord cosmetic dentistry are such that during an implant, no support is required from the adjacent teeth and the natural teeth require no alteration.

Aesthetic appeal: Most importantly, Concord cosmetic dentistry restores the aesthetic appeal that characterizes a full, healthy and glistening jaw, thereby reinstating your confidence.

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