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Oct 31

What To Look For In A Cosmetic Dentist In El Dorado Hills

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 in Dentist

byAlma Abell

Everyone desires to have beautiful teeth so they can show off their best smile. If you feel you have to hide your smile from the world because of unsightly teeth, missing teeth, discolored teeth, or stained teeth, it’s time to see your dentist. A Cosmetic Dentist in El Dorado Hills can help you show off your best smile and stop feeling embarrassed about your teeth. The following things are what you need to look for in a cosmetic dentist.

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1) Comfortable setting Nothing puts you at ease more than a comfortable environment. You should expect your dentist to have comfortable seating in the reception area, friendly staff to greet you, and plenty of reading material to keep you occupied for a few minutes.

2) Respect for your time – Your dentist should be respectful of your time. Your time is just as valuable as your dentist’s. You should not be kept waiting for more than 30 minutes at your dentist’s office unless there are circumstances causing a problem. The staff needs to let you know if there are time constraints so you can choose whether to stay or reschedule.

3) The proper credentials – Most dental offices will have professional certificates hanging on the walls. You may also find out about the dentist’s associations, awards, degrees, and any special honors on their website. It doesn’t take much research to make sure your dentist has all the proper credentials. It is very comforting to know your dentist has extra honors and awards for his or her services.

4) Personality and demeanor – While a dentist’s personality does not have to make or break your decision about using him or her, it’s nice to have a pleasant dentist. A good sense of humor, a fun atmosphere, and a pleasant personality are good traits for a dentist to have. Your dental visits should be as enjoyable as possible. A dentist with a good bedside manner will put you and/or your family at ease.

These four things are factors you need to look for when choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in El Dorado Hills. You want to be as confident and comfortable with your dentist as possible. Your dentist will be working on the appearance of your teeth and mouth and it’s better to know he or she is not only qualified and experienced, but also pleasant and caring.

Jul 13

Oral B Smile India Movement Achieves Success With Support From 10,000 Dentists And 1 Crore Consumer

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017 in Dentist

Oral B Smile India Movement achieves success with support from 10,000 dentists and 1 Crore Consumer



Oral B Smile India Movement achieves success

with support from 10,000 dentists and 1 Crore Consumer pledges!

~ Bollywood actors Prachi Desai and Juhi Chawla join Oral B and Dentists to pledge their continued support to this movement~

Mumbai: 1 Crore Indians and over 10,000 dentists have now joined the Oral B Smile India Movement and made their contribution towards an India with Healthy and Confident Smiles. Oral-B, No.1 toothbrush used by dentists worldwide, in association with Dentists across India, launched the Smile India Movement to improve the Oral Health Standards of the nation. Dentists and Oral B came together following a nationwide survey conducted by the A.C. Nielsen for brand which revealed alarming results about the poor state of Oral Hygiene in India, and the need for increased education and awareness on the subject. The movement has achieved stupendous success by getting over 1 Crore Indians to take the pledge to brush in the right manner and to visit the dentist regularly. This landmark occasion was celebrated with Bollywood actresses Prachi Desai, supporting the movement since its launch, as well as Juhi Chawla joining in. Prachi and Juhi also highlighted how the state of Oral Hygiene of the country is low with 53% of Indians suffering from common tooth problems like Toothache, Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath, Decayed Tooth etc.

Lead by over 10,000 dentists across India, the initiative has travelled to malls and school across the nation to reach out to the masses and impart knowledge on the significance of good oral health. Oral-B Smile India would not have achieved the success it has without support from renowned celebrities like Vidya Balan, Sonali Bendre, Prachi Desai, Juhi Chawla, Jennifer Kotwal and Andrea Jeremiah, who played a key role in influencing more and more consumers to join this movement.

Speaking on this movement, Oral-B spokesperson Sharat Verma said, We launched Smile India Movement with the aim of helping create an India with Healthy, Confident Smiles, by educating the nation on the right oral care habits. I am proud to say that we have contributed significantly towards improving the oral health standards of the nation, with the support of over 10,000 dentists and by getting 1 Crore consumers to take the Oral B Smile India Pledge. This initiative helps us further P&G and Oral B s core purpose of touching and improving the lives of our consumers, and oral health is integral part of our consumer s well-being. I want to thank the fraternity of dentists across India, and of course Dr. Mahesh Verma, as well as consumers who have supported Smile India Movement, and we also encourage more and more people to join in.

Dr. Mahesh Verma, Acting President of the Dental Council of India and Principal Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences said, We have seen that Oral Care is an aspect of health that people usually tend to ignore on a regular basis, not realizing the larger implications it may have. There is a need to larger awareness and involvement in Oral Care amongst Indians .

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Commenting on her association with Smile India, Actress Prachi Desai said, Being in an industry that demands perfection, a good oral regime has always been an important part of my personal grooming routine. I have been associated with Smile India movement from its launch and I am overjoyed at how the movement has grown from strength to strength and achieved 1 Crore pledges.

Juhi Chawla said Oral-B Smile India is a unique movement that created awareness on the significance of oral hygiene and its implication on an individual s overall well-being. As an actor and a mother, I am very particular about my family s oral health, and believe it is an essential part of my everyday health regime. I am thankful to Oral-B for launching Smile India and extremely proud to be a part of this successful consumer movement. I urge more and more children, mothers, dentists and people from all walks of life to join the movement and have a healthy, confident smile!

As part of its Smile India Movement, Oral-B in association with The Indian Dental Association has broken the Guinness World Record for conducting the largest number of Free Dental Checkups in 24 hours in a single location.

The Oral B Smile India Movement has made a significant step towards an India with better Oral Hygiene, but there is still a long way to go. Dentists and Oral B continue to spread the movement, with the dream of an India with Healthy, Confident Smiles!

Additional details about the Oral B Smile India Movement

Oral-B Smile India was aimed at edifying the nation on basic oral hygiene by encouraging more and more consumers to pledge to:

Brush Right Brush for 2 mins, Brush twice a day & Use the right toothbrush

Visit the dentist regularly Once every 6 months

A nationwide Oral-B Smile India survey conducted by AC Nielsen revealed that the oral health standard of the nation is alarming. The survey highlights that unawareness and lack of knowledge on oral care issues is the key reason for the poor oral health of the country. Developed nations across the world treat oral hygiene as an important aspect of everyday life which is still lacking in India.

Guiness World Record created by Oral B and IDA:

As part of its Smile India Movement, Oral-B in association with The Indian Dental Association (IDA) has broken the Guinness World Record for conducting the largest number of Dental checkups in 24 hours in a single location. A total of 48 doctors teamed up to conduct 19,904 dental checkups to break the world record previously held for conducting 3,300 free dental checkups by 600 dentists in 24 hours. The Dental checkups were conducted by the IDA Coimbatore branch continuously starting from 8.01 am on 7th October 2010 to 7.59 am on the 8th of October 2010.

Below are key highlights for the AC Nielsen survey on Oral Care:

National Statistics

53% of Indians suffer from common tooth problems like Toothache, Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath, Decayed Tooth etc.

77% of Indians has not visited a dentist in the last 1 year

82% of Indians believe that they need to visit a dentist only in case of occurrence of tooth problems

68% of Indians think that the right tooth paste is more important than the right tooth brush

59% of Indians are likely to immediately rush to a doctor if suffering problem from other health problems but will ignore a tooth ache till it gets unbearable

Only 46% of Indians regularly brush their teeth at night

80% of Indians wish their partner had better oral hygiene

Only 23% of mothers are aware that it is important to take their children to the dentist at least once every six months

79% employers consider oral hygiene as a factor to gauge the personality of a candidate /interviewee

Oral-B is also offering FDC s (Free Dental Check-ups) to make consumers aware of the oral problems they suffer from and instruct them on the best oral regime to follow. To avail the Oral-B free dental check-up, simply SMS

to 58558. E.g. * *Offer valid with select dentists in select cities till April 30, 2011 for a single dental check-up. For terms and conditions, please visit www.oralbdentalcheck.comFor further information, please contact:Atul Malikram9827092823pr@atulmalikram.inCentral India’s No.1 PR AgencyPR 24×7 Network Ltd.www.atulmalikram.inArticle Source:

Feb 16

Select The Best Orthodontics In Rochester For Beautiful Smile}

Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2017 in Dentist

Select the best Orthodontics in Rochester for beautiful smile



You have just had your regular visit with your dental professional and you’ve been told that either you or your kid needs teeth Rochester orthodontics. Prepare yourself. While the cost of the Rochester orthodontics can be frustrating and these devices help to straighten up the teeth so that you not only have a more consistent grin, but your teeth and eating are improved considerably. Braces may be architectural or aesthetic, and may be used together with other procedures, but ultimately, the goal is to enhance your dental cleanliness and overall health by solving the under bites, overbites, cross attacks, twisted teeth, malocclusions, and various other problems with the teeth an oral cavity.

History of Northville Braces

Somewhat amazingly, many of the students and the researchers date teeth orthodontics to the ancient times centuries ago. As beginning as 400 BC may have used basic brace components to straighten up the teeth and appropriate oral conditions. Yet, as an area, orthodontics didn’t really start to take shape until the late Seventeenth century, when the concept of tooth-pulling was a typical practice for improving the teeth positioning. By the beginning to the mid Nineteenth century, the leaders in orthodontics began using the cables and elastics to very progressively enhance and also straighten up the teeth. As you can clearly see, there is a long record which is primarily associated with the area of orthodontics, and specifically the development of oral teeth orthodontics is very rapid and glorious.

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How do Braces Work?

Simply put, the Rochester orthodontics performs by progressively squeezing tightly in order to shift the teeth in the jaw slowly over the course of time. Conventionally, they utilize the supports installed on each of the teeth, a posture cable that particularly joins each of these supports, and the elastics that allow the posture cable to put stress on the supports and teeth. The continuous stress teeth orthodontics put on teeth allows them to shift over time into their appropriate position and help them straighten as well very correctly. While in the beginning of the science of orthodontics, there were few options for the teeth orthodontics, today there are a variety of the types and there are the result of developments in the oral technology.

Types of Northville Braces

The most typical kinds are traditional metal-wired teeth orthodontics, obvious teeth orthodontics, gold-plated stainless-steel teeth orthodontics, lingual teeth orthodontics, and titanium teeth orthodontics.

Traditional Braces are usually stainless-steel and may be combined with other materials. These are the most typical and least expensive kinds and may require the connections to hold the arch-wire in place. More recent self-ligating supports do away with the connections and are becoming more well-known as they reduce the rubbing between the segment and the cable.

Clear Braces are a well-known aesthetic alternative to the standard metal one. Designed to the combination naturally with the colour of your teeth, the teeth orthodontics use the supports created of clay or plastic but function in a very similar manner as metal one.

Apart from the above two mentioned categories, there are indeed various other kinds of the Northville braces which have been introduced over the course of time.

Mark Smile is the author of this Article: To know more about Northville Braces and Rochester Orthodontics please visit myamazingsmile.comArticle Source: