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The myths surrounding the topic of botox injections as an effective anti ageing treatment have for many years given the procedure an air of mystery. Once the preserve of celebrities and those in the public eye, botox treatment has now become relatively commonplace. Many high street beauty salons offer the opportunity for people to pop in for a quick anti wrinkle injection in their lunch hour. We ve become pretty blas about the whole thing.

So why has the public accepted botox as a run of the mill beauty treatment? Perhaps it s because of the number of celebrities who now freely admit to being botox beauties and using the treatment to ensure they look their best. Simon Cowell is one such media darling who happily admits to being a fan of the procedure, describing it as no different to brushing your teeth . There s no doubt that for a man of 50, Mr Cowell is probably looking better now than he did ten years ago. But even he warns of the effects of overdoing the botox injections, saying that overdoing it can make you look really, really weird ! Another media star has been accused of doing exactly that. Dannii Minogue wanted to use botox because she wanted to be the best I can be , but critics have accused her of having an unusually wrinkle-free and frozen, expressionless face. Miss Minogue has also gone on record that her extensive encounters with the plastic surgeon have not made her happy, so botox still comes with a warning overdo it and risk crossing over from pretty into plastic .


But get it right, and botox can keep fans and the media guessing about a celebrity s true age. Beyonce s flawless skin and lack of wrinkles suggests that she s no stranger to botox. Her universal status as a celebrity icon shows what can be achieved when you get it just right.

Botox tends to go wrong when it s used for the wrong reasons or the celebrity falls into the trap of thinking that more is better. There is no doubt that botox injections work their growing appeal and even television advertising promoting the treatment are testimony to its success. The trick lies in knowing where to draw the line (if you ll pardon the pun). David Beckham didn t taking his wife s advice and under pressure in the media goldfish bowl that is LA, he went under the needle and was roundly criticised for doing so. But there are plenty of celebrities who have managed to get it right, managing to look just perfect enough without the worry of additional crow s feet around the eyes or forehead wrinkles to detract from their perfect smiles.

Botox is not the ultimate in anti wrinkle treatments. It is merely one of many tools that we can use in our attempts to hold back the years and look our best for a special occasion. A big event such as a wedding or major birthday party might be the ideal time to treat yourself to a quick botox fix just to smooth out those telltale lines. But relying on it as a cure-all is a mistake, as many celebrities have found out. It seems that we don t want our stars too perfect, but still looking as if they can actually manage to raise a smile when they need to. If you get it right, botox can be a great confidence booster, making you look years younger and just as glamorous as any A-lister on an LA red carpet. The trick is to know when to stop

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